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Fog Hashing

B6R Rack

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Standard Product Modules + Customized Solutions



This product can change the design according to the environment and needs. Consult customer service for details, and we will recommend a suitable procurement implementation plan for you.

Chassis outer size


  • Standard Product Modules + Customized Solutions

    Each B6R rack has 3 layers
    hold 3* B6 chassis
    Integrated cooling circulation inside the rack
    Designed specifically for ease of deployment and maintenance, saving time and cost of maintenance period
    Equipped with separate portable maintenance rack, only one needed for each farm or container

  • Deployment method

    •Integrated into container

Fog Hashing presents at CES2022

On January 5, 2022, ces2022, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, was grandly opened in Las Vegas. Fog hashing participated with cryptocurrency mining immersion liquid cooling equipment, which was also the product's first public appearance.

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