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Complementary logistics costs

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This option is only used to supplement the logistics cost, please place an order after communication.

This product can change the heat dissipation design according to the environment and demand. Consult customer service for details, and we will recommend a suitable procurement implementation plan for you.

Chassis outer size


Amount of machines

1 Unit

Shipping & Returns

FOB Shenzhen, China

  • Purchase Notes

    1. The product includes the power cord and requires full payment.
    2. The delivery time may be delayed due to irresistible factors (such as the epidemic). We will deliver the products to you as soon as possible.
    3. By default, the product will be shipped to Shenzhen, China on FOB basis. You can also choose us to deliver the product to your destination.
    4. FogHashing will not be liable for any loss resulting from user's failure to use the product in accordance with the instructions, specifications, and conditions provided, or from changing the functional Settings of the equipment without Prior consent of FogHashing.
    5. Coolant shall be provided or recommended by Foghashing.
    6. Provide 365 days warranty from the date of delivery.
    7. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the equipment. Once the equipment is resold, warranty coverage becomes the responsibility of the reseller.
    8. The actual machine may be different from the picture, please refer to the product actually received.
    For more details or to order more quantities, please contact us by email

  • Payment process

    1. FogHashing products support Email ordering, we promise to reply to your Email within 2 business days.
    2. The final price and payment amount shall be confirmed by the official email invoice (electronic contract). Please test the transfer of a small amount before transferring digital currency.
    3. Pay attention to official email contacts and do not trust any other unofficial or unauthorized agents.
    4. There are many factors affecting the freight item, and the final actual freight shall prevail.

B6 Immersion mining Deployment Case

Fog Hashing presents at CES2022

On January 5, 2022, ces2022, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, was grandly opened in Las Vegas. Fog hashing participated with cryptocurrency mining immersion liquid cooling equipment, which was also the product's first public appearance.

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