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Fog Hashing

Immersion Cooling Kit C1

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Support orders placed in most regions of the world, you can consult customer service for transportation issues.



EXW-CHINA: China ex-factory price without shipping.

W.H.-US: US warehouse spot price, excluding US local delivery fees.

The inventory is located in the US California warehouse, and it is expected to be delivered within 2 working days after placing the order, and will be delivered to the door within 3 ~ 7 working days.

For bulk orders or more detailed questions, you can inquire by email and telegram.

  • Purchase Notes

    Payment Instructions
    Official website to place an order
    The official website can directly place an order for purchase, and currently supports credit card payment. After successful payment, customer service will email to inquire about your shipping matters.

    Mail order
    1. This product requires full payment.
    2. FogHashing products support email ordering, we promise to reply to your email within 2 working days, and the final price and payment amount will be confirmed by the bill (electronic contract) sent by the official email.
    3. Payment Method: Telegraphic Transfer | USDT | BTC | ETH
    4. Please pay attention to the official mail contact information and do not trust any other unofficial or unauthorized agents.

  • Factory shooting

    100 C1 ordered by customers are being sent to the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the word.

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  • Detail shot

    White version, Fog Hashing C1 - Immersion Cooling Kit for Bitcoin Miner. Leave it at home.Currently overclocking 40%.

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  • Run photos

    Would you be interested in mining bitcoin at home?#BTC #mining #immersion cooling #homemining #cryptocurrency

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Fog Hashing presents at CES 2022

On January 5, 2022, ces2022, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, was grandly opened in Las Vegas. Fog hashing participated with cryptocurrency mining immersion liquid cooling equipment, which was also the product's first public appearance.

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